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Eulogy Inspired, Enough


Today leaving a friend’s funeral I became nostalgic in my thoughts. I reflected on the similarities of large Catholic families of the 50’s and 60’s. The eulogy I witnessed today brought back many rather fond memories. Thanks Frank and Dick the eulogist.

The common thread that I remember in most eulogies is that if the decedent is a baby boomer then they were employed early. Usually around 8-10 years old. Frank sold sacks at Findlay Market, he also shined shoes at saloons in downtown Cincinnati. 2 fellows that I heard about else where swept floors at a butcher shop they earned 85 cents per day not 86 cents so it could be split easily. My husband and his brother worked for their Grandfather and Uncle at a produce store at 23 E Court St when they were 8 and 10. They would help with orders at the produce store and carry them out to cars. Their Mother would help with the babies in her family from age 6.

My mind continued to wander and lead me to these thoughts. I was totally day dreaming. I was driving and it was a sweet moment.

My first memory was in my crib there was a thunderstorm and my Dad patted me on my back to calm me. I remember a rotary telephone in the room too. Rare to have 2 phones in a house in the 60’s. That was the house in Lafayette, IN that my Dad built. I also remember holding my Mom’s soft hand in the car. She used Chap hands hand lotion.

Our family moved 4 times by the time I was 14. Cincinnati is my hometown. I do not remember anything but the swim club and our house in Lafayette. I was 4 when we moved to Cincinnati, OH. After we settled in I went from house to house on our street and introduced myself trying to make friends. Hi I am Melissa Mary. Some asked me if I wanted their autograph. I thought, WOW, I will do that. I made a book and went back out another day, yep I got those autographs. I still have that book.

As far as love goes I have been loved by my family, my Mother and Father first! And my siblings! I always had company and someone to have my back. Being the youngest made me especially spoiled rotten with love. Thank you for making me have plenty enough! You are all so precious to me. Becky, Joe, Julie, Cyndy, Jenny and Earl. Them plus me make the Enrobso7!

We stayed at that house for 6 years. I met my best friends there. We played all day. Jacks, dolls, barbies, go carts, kick the can, 7 up, ghost in the graveyard. Friend formation for sure. They are still my besties.


At funerals you often seen the following phrase, I hope you have enough. That struck me. Well as a child, Mom worked and Dad did too but Dad was not well. He later died so Mom kept working getting a better job at a hospital. She stayed there until she retired. She was able to buy a house. She kept us fed and clothed. It is amazing and overwhelming to me when I think about it now. Yes, we had enough. Sure it was Campbell’s Bean and Bacon Soup, Velveeta grilled cheese sandwiches, Pork and Beef lunchmeat, Hawaiian Punch, Peanut butter and Jelly but it was very much enough.

It has been a great day very full and yes enough. I wish each of you enough.