Art for All People

Sarah Bonhaus Hellmann is Art for All People! She brings art to people incarcerated, veterans, elderly, even those that are marginalized in society and even kids. She says, “Every person started out as an artist”! Weather you still create or you have stopped for some reason. It helps all people detach for the day to day stress and routine! It was amazing to see all of us really be able to relax and create. We all need that now and then. Her message is clear! She wants All People to create no matter their skill level or the talent that they think they may or may not possess!

Tonight was so much fun! There were 15 of us crammed into my kitchen. Sarah brought EVERYTHING we needed easels, brushes, paint, paint trays, cups for water.  She was all set up in 25 minutes and even had extra which was great because I messed up the count! She was so patient and encouraging it was WONDERFUL! It was great all ages were there. Age 4 months to well let’s just say all ages were represented.

In the end we all created something, laughed a lot, learned a lot and we contributed to a great cause. Thank you Sarah for a fabulous time. You are amazing!//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=US&adInstanceId=e103ef27-a7d8-4f66-aa86-93a2e8c213c8

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He woman points! 

In my family all of the girls get together and work on projects together. We patch holes, hang wall paper, remove wall paper, painted faux finishes, even invented faux finishes, paint, clean, make the curtains, hang curtain rods, manage minor plumbing and electric. I believe that is why I feel pretty equal at least with the men in the family thus earning my He woman name, Mel. Thanks Angie or should I say Angelo? We all climb ladders, lift too much, move furniture. I even remember cutting off feet of a couch just to get it through a door. We do what life requires. We have a lot of fun and knock IT OUT!!!

Back to that removing wallpaper thing. While painting one time I discovered something. I was removing a border and painting my son’s room. It was summer and I was painting all of the bedrooms. I tackled the boy’s room first. It had all of the normal boy dirt there. Especially one of the walls had lots of green boy dirt on it. I use Shaklee H2 it is a concentrated cleaner that you mix with water in different concentrations for different cleaning jobs. This time I chose the degreaser concentration to remove that green dirt. I soaked the wall and left it for 10 minutes discussed and gagging. I sure love those boys!

When I returned not only was I able to wipe the wall clean instantly but I noticed the Nascar border coming of the wall. I started peeling. Then I sprayed again and pulled off more. Again, again and again until the whole border was off! I could not believe it!

The next room was the one that had wall paper on 2 walls. I decided to experiment, so I made the Shaklee H2 twice as strong. That meant to add a teaspoon of cleaner to a pint of (I decided HOT) water. I used the Zinsser Paper Tiger to score the wall paper then I mixed more Shaklee H2 solution with HOT water and sprayed it on the wall paper. It is quite a mess, you just need plenty of drop clothes. But the real beauty here is that as you remove the wall paper you are cleaning off the wall paper paste and as the directions say on the bottle of Shaklee H2, no rinsing required. I will never use expensive products like DIF again.

Photos are compliments of Bethany Swygart. Bethany has surely won her He Woman points on this project because she did this while being a great Mom to 2 little ones. She is a fantastic Mom. Really she already had He Woman points enough. What a great girl. Thanks Bethany!!!

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why blog?

5 Reasons that compelled me to blog!



  1. While at a Business Boutique conference I attended sessions about blogging. I was not at the conference to become a blogger! I was there to get some tips for my Etsy shop. I felt this experience made me want to blog. If you want to blog get educated sign up for Blogging University  this post is one of the assignments in BU.
  2. One of the hardest questions for me to answer is, What do you do? A blog is helping me to answer this question, I like and love to do many things. I am now able to somewhat compartmentalize all of the tasks and things I love. A blog helps you to organize your thoughts.
  3. It really helped me to write descriptive adjectives about myself that are positive and fun. Such as talented, excited, fun loving, expressive, artsy, craftsy, realistic, happy and much, much more. Use a thesaurus!
  4. Social media is just waiting to hear what I have to say. Really just kidding! I am just trying to psych myself into it.
  5. Go ahead and just do it. In one of the sessions at the conference our speaker said, “just go ahead and PUBLISH”! I agreed and I did!

God made me on purpose with a purpose! I am very excited to join this fun outlet of energy and creativity! Blog on!

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Christy Wright’s Business Boutique 2016

Last weekend I attended the Business Boutique it was an uplifting experience. Over 3000 women and a sprinkling of men. I expected to receive tips for my Etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/whatchamacallit I did realize that my works are worth more than I had valued them. Plus I learned that a blog would really fit my life. I do have lots of life experiences that will serve this blog well. I became revived at the thought that I really could do this. 

I have been to several conferences over the last 30 years including Mary Kay, Creative Memories, Jenzabar and others. I have not ever been to a conference that was as uplifting, energizing and actually exciting! The keynote speaker was Christine Caine of Propel Women http://www.propelwomen.org/ Author of Unashamed I do believe that her life is a miracle given to this daughter of God! #daughter Thank you for this speaker!

No excuses, no fear! I was made with purpose, for a purpose. Just like K-LOVE radio positive and encouraging!

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Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

With my new blog I have not had 1 Second Thought! It has been a really fun to find out what I like to do and what I love. I am at a point in my life I don’t have time for Second Thoughts. Let’s just say I no longer buy green bananas. Those are for people that have lots of time. With the Presidential Election being today the Second Thoughts have been going on most of the year. Just do it! Go out and vote! America is Great, use your vote to prove it.

why blog?

10 Really Great Reasons to start this blog today!

This story begins at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique conference in Nashville, TN! What an empowering and exciting weekend. I expected to come home with information about how to run my Etsy shop better. http://www.etsy.com/shop/whatchamacallit I did get a lot of valuable tips. There seemed to be something missing until I attended a class about blogs. Aha and light bulb moment all at once. I bought and began building this blog immediately. It revived me. As I began to build it, it seemed significant to add my daughter Lauren. She and I are always brainstorming, discussing, sewing, crafting, decorating, painting………the list goes on and on. You will see the fruits of our processes.

10 REALLY Great Reasons to start this blog today!

1. You just have to start somewhere!

2. There just had to be some good news this Election Day!

3. This is such a good distraction from the Presidential Election.

4. My Grandbaby said, “Do it, do it”!!!!

5. I was made on purpose, with a purpose!

6. In Kindergarten we all learned to share.

7. 1 more blog MAY make a difference and so much fun!

8. WordPress is a great place to begin. WordPress.com

9. There is always more to learn and see.

10. We all know that this is another extension of talking since Kindergarten I have been told I talk too much but since I am changing my verbs I will say, I love to share information A LOT.

One subject I have been excited about is Chalk Paint for furniture it is fun. I will blog on this subject later.

We will be sharing information about many Lifestyle Trends. Lauren and I hope you visit often and share your own experiences and comments. Check back often.

10 Really Great Reasons to start this blog today!