Art for All People

Sarah Bonhaus Hellmann is Art for All People! She brings art to people incarcerated, veterans, elderly, even those that are marginalized in society and even kids. She says, “Every person started out as an artist”! Weather you still create or you have stopped for some reason. It helps all people detach for the day to day stress and routine! It was amazing to see all of us really be able to relax and create. We all need that now and then. Her message is clear! She wants All People to create no matter their skill level or the talent that they think they may or may not possess!

Tonight was so much fun! There were 15 of us crammed into my kitchen. Sarah brought EVERYTHING we needed easels, brushes, paint, paint trays, cups for water. ¬†She was all set up in 25 minutes and even had extra which was great because I messed up the count! She was so patient and encouraging it was WONDERFUL! It was great all ages were there. Age 4 months to well let’s just say all ages were represented.

In the end we all created something, laughed a lot, learned a lot and we contributed to a great cause. Thank you Sarah for a fabulous time. You are amazing!//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=US&adInstanceId=e103ef27-a7d8-4f66-aa86-93a2e8c213c8