Art for All People

Sarah Bonhaus Hellmann is Art for All People! She brings art to people incarcerated, veterans, elderly, even those that are marginalized in society and even kids. She says, “Every person started out as an artist”! Weather you still create or you have stopped for some reason. It helps all people detach for the day to day stress and routine! It was amazing to see all of us really be able to relax and create. We all need that now and then. Her message is clear! She wants All People to create no matter their skill level or the talent that they think they may or may not possess!

Tonight was so much fun! There were 15 of us crammed into my kitchen. Sarah brought EVERYTHING we needed easels, brushes, paint, paint trays, cups for water.  She was all set up in 25 minutes and even had extra which was great because I messed up the count! She was so patient and encouraging it was WONDERFUL! It was great all ages were there. Age 4 months to well let’s just say all ages were represented.

In the end we all created something, laughed a lot, learned a lot and we contributed to a great cause. Thank you Sarah for a fabulous time. You are amazing!//


My Honey Bee Tees

For many years I have used a Cricut Cutter for many, many fun decorative projects for my family and many others.

Recently I have found that my creativity has taken off and it has let me expand my “what I love to do”! The above project was fun! A Super Mom needed capes for the Autism Walk. I was excited to take this on. It was a blast and I learned a lot. How to source supplies cheaply, how to upload and download files and then upload again to my Cricut Cutter. Then I cut 25 designs. Then I ironed on all of the designs with an IRON. You can see in the top picture the marks from the iron. It took me 3 hours. I knew there was a better way. Well I explored that and even visited a company that carries heat presses. I took my time and found what I needed. I found Shopify and I now make t-shirts and other things that I can heatpress designs on flags, bags and pillows! Brides I can make personalized bags that make great gifts for your bridesmaids. I am having such a good time.

Tonight it took me about 1.5 hours to figure out how to edit a specific image. But the I really got rolling with ideas. Tonight I joined Business Boutique Business Academy. It is a web based product that helps you look at your goals and redefine them to fit your life and work ethic.

Tomorrow’s goals finish 2 items and make a SALE. None for My Honey Bees Tees yet! It will happen. check it out!

Update I did get a sale and a nice order of Tees!!! It sure is funny how sometimes you have to write something down or say it out loud to make it happen!  Faith in the fact that I have the tools I need to make the sales happen. In other words, I got this.


Christy Wright’s Business Boutique 

In 2016 I went to the Christy Wright’s Business Boutique this started me on a positive course to success. My business is doing better The conference in and of itself has made me feel more assertive to make decisions that are in MY best interest. The reason I have a business is to make great things and talk about fun subjects. I walked away from the conference with the need to write this blog. I have never been a writer. It was great to come away with such encouragement which included a wonderful faith message too.
I am reading Christy Wright’s Business Boutique. This book is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to start a business or already has a business. A considerable amount of the information applies to all business. As I read this it has helped me know that my business I have started is working well. It is a reassurance, such a confidence builder. Christy’s story telling is visual she has written this method as a dedication to her Mother’s bakeshop that her Mother had from the time Christy was 6 months old. It starts with a base of a cake, “a good foundation.”

Tier 1: The why and the dream. I love this, there is a why with my business. Do what you love and love what you do. That is a metaphor from a t-shirt actually, the dream is really to be a success. I am getting there it takes lots of patience and time.

Tier 2: Build to your strengths, love and hate of money and making the most of your $, time, scheduling and space. All of these can be challenging. I am about 2 years into my business and I am still working on a couple of these.

Tier 3: Operations and follow through, best business practices like a pro, how to make money and make the most of it, don’t devalue your costs and getting through the boring stuff like paper work and taxes.

Tier 4: Putting yourself out there in marketing, story telling (as I am here), trying to reach the right people the ones that you would like to get your product or service to, then clinching the sale.

I will leave the rest as a surprise. This brief description is only an overview for you to get an idea of all of the help chapters provide. The reading is great because Christy Wright writes the way she speaks. I felt as though I were at the Business Boutique in Nashville, TN again while reading Business Boutique. When I was there I was able to say yes to a blog. I had no idea that I wanted to write one. It has been invigorating. With the help of this well written guide I am looking forward to my writing and business improvement.


Faux yo house!

It all began with this excellent plant my sister Cynthia made for my house. Which in the summer I put outside. And all is well when it is outside in good weather. 

It is winter here in Cincinnati and I brought these special succulents into the house. They are a bit fragile. Let me just say for the record, I suck at plants!

// needed some greenery for my house and I had been looking on Pinterest at succulents and noticed they were

/**/ “>FAUX (aka FAKE)!!!! Oh my really, yup! I got started and just about can’t stop.

  1. Gather supplies  //“>Faux succulents, //“>containers, //“>oasis, //“>Glad Press & Seal, //“>hot glue gun, //“>faux mossy rocks, real rocks, //“>scissors and //“>wire cutters
  2. I like to cut oasis with a serrated knife and cover it with Glad Press & Seal it keeps the oasis dust contained
  3. Take apart a few faux plants to have a variety for each container
  4. Place oasis, rocks or faux miss rocks in each container
  5. Poke holes in oasis and faux moss rocks
  6. Then place plants in holes and or glue them

I made a monogram faux succulent topiary, I bought a broken G at Michael’s for $8 and hot glued everything into it. So much fun I can’t believe it is over. You can see any of the products that I used if you click the colored links. It will take you to to that product. You don’t have to get the products there to have success but I would appreciate if you did. Thank you so much for reading my blogs. I have so much fun with this.

So many Fakes out there so little time!!!

Please remember to share early and often!