Wandering words of a Trucker’s Wife

Funny things happen when you have married a person that has owned a trucking company for 28 years.

When Bill and I dated we would have Friday night dates in a truck. We would pick up freight around 10-11pm then drive straight to Chicago about a 5 hour or so drive from Dayton OH. When I say STRAIGHT to Chicago I mean it. There is no time for a pit stop! (Said in the tone of Jimmy Dugan from A League of Their Own) When Bill’s Mom found out that we were going each week she started to pack us a cooler of food and drinks. The best sandwiches on fresh Italian bread with provolone cheese, tomato and Genoa salami! I had not met her yet but I already loved her. She later told me she was so happy that he had someone with him because she worried so much about him on those trips.

When we arrived in Chicago we would make the deliveries to the airlines in and around O’Hare. I would fall asleep while sitting waiting. It was exhausting! I still don’t know how my husband and sons do it. They are my heroes for sure!!!

Then we would drive straight back to Cincinnati OH. One night there was a snow storm and Bill was having a tough time staying awake. He drove a straight truck that time. He asked, You can drive this, right? In my head I thought I am pretty sure I can? I did drive for Emery Worldwide at the time but only step vans and vans, not an 8 speed straight truck! So I did. I am pretty sure that was a test. Will she put up with this shit or bolt? I guess I passed the test as we are married 32.5 years. We have had lots of great times since driving here and there. On occasion I still make pick ups and drop offs with Bill on the weekends when it interrupts a date or his time off.

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