Way too long since my last blog!

I have missed blogging! I love this format to express myself! I do it scared, not too much thought because it is fresh. Sometimes it is a bit frayed around the edges, but if you know me that is kinda what I like. Too cleaned up is stiff and unnatural. Doing it scared is a technical term I learned at the Business Boutique. It is just putting what you have “out there”! Just do it. Corrections and fixes can happen later.

One thing I did scared this week was to close my website…all of the traffic that went there, I had directed there. Hmmm no organic traffic in nearly a year. My Facebook page with the same name did not direct traffic there either. Annnd I had paid for many ads. So in an effort to conserve my time, talent and treasure. I shut it down. I do not need that expense. But to me this was not a failure. I learned very much. I learned which platform not to ever use again, which platform not to suggest to businesses and friends.

I started making a list of all the hobbies, crafts and interests that I have. I am sharing because then this is the place it will be saved.

My Husband and family

My Grandbabies, duh!

My love for cooking as my daughter pointed out!





Paper craft

Cricut cutter & design which includes but is not limited to: vinyl decals, paper, t-shirt vinyl, plaques with vinyl


Interior design

Chalk painting furniture, Annie Sloan chalk paint and videos, the bomb!

Teething necklaces

Faux succulents

Pillow, banner decor

Photos and mod podge

Greeting card making

You tube videos of all crafting and of course Gerry that principal guy! Funny, funny, very funny

In the end what is the best way (platform, format) for me to convey all of my interests? Guess what you are looking at it! I can do all of this here. I do have 2 Etsy shops that are my POS (point of sale) and not (piece of shizzel). They are the avenue of display and sharing. I have all I need! I love when that happens. Here is the thing if I did not have the love and support of my family and friends, I would not be doing all of this. I do realize it sounds like a Jill of all trades, Mistress of none, but I do strive for almost excellence. I was told once that when you find a mistake on a quilt that mistake represents your own humility. I agree.

It will not be so long before I write again!

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