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Cincinnati Bakeshoppe by Janice Plummer

1f238ef2-c692-48a1-89c4-0a0c926a6301Last Friday 13 of us enjoyed the fun of learning how to float icing on sugar cookies. I especially like the very unique designs that Janice presents. When she comes to your home she brings a dozen cookies for each guest and all the icing and supplies to decorate your cookies. Oh and did I mention that the cookies are absolutely delicious? Whatever you have not eaten you can bring them home!

Janice Plummer is a professional. She teaches in homes and at Cook’s-Wares in Cincinnati. Her Etsy shop has quite a beautiful variety of cookies. In advanced classes you can learn to make the decorative icings.

It is a very fun evening activity for a group 8-15 of friends. You can then make them at home anytime. Here is a link for some of the supplies and tools. We enjoyed each other’s company and cookies! Thank you Janice for such a fun time!

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