Crocheted Baby Blanket from the Middle

I really do love to knit and crochet. When my Mom was still alive she and I would sit side by side and work on projects. I would run into a snag (knitting humor), she would be able to get me on the right track immediately.

Crochet is also in my tool basket. It is fun to put together a pattern that you have repeated over and over. I like to make one particular baby blanket because there are YOU TUBE videos that are stitch by stitch instruction. There are 2 videos and they are the complete instruction for this lovely baby blanket.I can get these blankets completed in 2 sittings. This baby blanket is made with fleece yarn. This pattern uses Bernat fleece. unnamed.jpg

I think you will like making this blanket and enjoy the videos too.

This is part 1

This is part 2

Enjoy! Melissa

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