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Daily Prompt: Culture

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In response to today’s prompt: Culture. My culture and heritage is half German and the rest is a mixture of French, Scottish, English and possibly a little more of whatever. We as a family did not really have cultural habits and or traditions. My Maternal Grandmother did make foods that were of our German tradition such as, what she called Kugel. Chicken with homemade egg noodles. It was really delicious. I am the youngest Grandchild in my Mother’s family. My Grandmother taught me a few things as I grew. She told me how to climb the cherry tree so I could pick cherries at the end of the summer and then we made pies. I remember eating so much cherry pie one time that I got sick. I miss those days. She passed when I was 27. As she aged she stopped doing and making the things that were mainly cultural.


IMG_4276.jpgAs an adult I have been steeped in a culture that has been very interesting and exciting. My husband’s heritage is Italian and German. My Husband’s Mother is Italian and her culture was embraced by the family. Mostly the food aspect of their culture is on their radar. It is amazing to me. I love all of the food and the variety. I have learned so much about all kinds of foods that I have never ever seen, smelled, made and eaten. I am amazed at the variety from fruits, vegetables, meats, pasta and of course sauce. You know tomato sauce is one of the French Mother sauces. Mmmmmm. My Mother in Law has always said, “Learn how to make the ravioli because when I am gone, then you will know how to make it“.  You do need good tools. We always use the same cutter.She is the best. I have loved learning to cook, sew and to be a better Mom. She is first generation American and such a great role model. The culture she has taught me is amazing. I am so grateful for all of the lessons and fun we have had over the 3o some years I have been lucky enough to have known her.

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