Sparetime Belly & Soul, Alexandria, Kentucky 


Kevin and Christa Klein re-opened Sparetime Belly & Soul  in August of 2016, this 50’s style, iconic diner has been serving sweets and great food to the Alexandria and Northern Kentucky community for more than 5 decades. Sparetime has a rich history in Alexandria and has even been on the “Hollywood” stage in several movies such as “Fresh Horses” in 1972 and “Carol” in 2014.

I began working at Sparetime Belly & Soul when it opened in August 2016. I had no idea how much fun I would have working in this kitchen. I had waited tables when I was 21 and have long said that restaurant work was my favorite! I had gone to culinary school in 2014 at the ripe ole age of fifty something. I fell in love with all of it. In school I met a classmate, Kevin who later decided to open this restaurant. Kevin is very talented and skilled. Kevin and his family are worthy of their success. Simply said, “do what you know and do it very well.”

A few of the things that make Kevin and Christa’s vision work are their mission and ministry, “pay it forward” wall, and “Belly Bags.” The mission and ministry of Belly & Soul is for it’s customers to, “Come hungry & leave happy.” As a community Belly & Soul feeds the hungry and homeless in Cincinnati once or twice a month. Customers are welcome to join us in this ministry. The “pay it forward” wall feeds many. When you are at the restaurant you have the opportunity to buy a meal, a cup of coffee or a combination of all of these. Then you write that item on a post-it note and put it on the window. It is so cute to see a slip on the window that may say, “a piece of pie for a freckled 7 year old girl”and then a cute little red haired girl goes up and finds that slip that describes her. What a wonderful feeling and cute smile on that girl! Belly Bags feed others you could pick one up and give it to a deserving person. All of these great attributes are at work daily. 

Above is a photo of the pies we serve every day! I am fortunate enough to be able to share in the joy of making pies that are the original recipes from Ingram’s Restaurant (Christa’s family’s former restaurant).

It is such a pleasure to work with these 2 intelligent entrepreneurs they are open to so many new ideas. They are a great team that know this business and how to make it work. Thank you so much for taking a chance on me. You have a very bright future!

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