Our Family Garden! 

Three springs ago my hubby, some great friends and I tackled the task of starting out our first veggie garden.

We bought seeds and some little plants from a big box store. We also bought some seed potatoes from a farmers market. The garden produced some small carrots, tons of sugar snap peas and I was pretty sure I killed the potatoes.  We made lots of mistakes, had tons of weeds and not much variety.

The next spring I was having a baby so no garden happened.

The next spring I was raising a baby so no garden happened.

In an effort to get back into our garden my husband and I had been thinking of revamping our raised bed. This fall my husband and his dad took on the challenge. They worked hard and the results are amazing. We went from having a garden made of some rotting railroad ties to beautiful raised bed with a nice fence and gate around it. We even have a gravel path encircling the raised bed!

Above is a picture of the garden project as it was in progress. Now that it’s really chilly out, our garden has been tucked in for winter. We tilled in some organic manure and covered it with a blanket of hay.

I hope to use the blog this winter to help plan out my vision for our garden this spring and summer. Maybe our garden will produce more veggies for us!  Can’t wait to share the fun with you!

Hasta pronto,


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