first born doggies

Must love dogs!

I had never had a dog. I always wanted my children to have one. I felt I missed out in some way. A dog was a dream of sorts. For some reason 3 years ago when I had heard that someone had 2 litters of  Golden doodle minis I wanted to see them. We went and saw about 20 puppies. They were so cute. One litter was red and the other was white. OMG such a girl’s dream. They were about 6 weeks old. They were so darn cute! We wanted a female. My husband and 2 of my kids went with me. It was November. I could pick up this sweetie on December 20th and I thought that OH let’s wait until after Christmas. But no the breeder had a full house and she needed to move the pups. I brought a Longaberger basket
with me, my daughter, son in law and son. We picked up that 4 pound 8 week old puppy. She was precious. When we arrived home we all sat around to name her. My whole family. Wow she was just a tiny little thing. Her basket was 4 times her size. I was completely SMITTEN! Cleo Patra Ann Buttercup Grove. These Catholics just had to add a saint’s name. IMG_0670.jpg

We have had Cleo for 3 years coming up soon. What a good dog. She jumps to your shoulder if she is excited to see you and knows she will get a dog treat. Puppies are a great responsibility. We were ready and still shocked with the responsibility that we feel on a daily basis. I am so happy we decided to get a dog. It is not always convenient but she is such an unconditional love bug. Part 2 will be about our second dog. Yes I am crazy!

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