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10 Really Great Reasons to start this blog today!

This story begins at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique conference in Nashville, TN! What an empowering and exciting weekend. I expected to come home with information about how to run my Etsy shop better. http://www.etsy.com/shop/whatchamacallit I did get a lot of valuable tips. There seemed to be something missing until I attended a class about blogs. Aha and light bulb moment all at once. I bought and began building this blog immediately. It revived me. As I began to build it, it seemed significant to add my daughter Lauren. She and I are always brainstorming, discussing, sewing, crafting, decorating, painting………the list goes on and on. You will see the fruits of our processes.

10 REALLY Great Reasons to start this blog today!

1. You just have to start somewhere!

2. There just had to be some good news this Election Day!

3. This is such a good distraction from the Presidential Election.

4. My Grandbaby said, “Do it, do it”!!!!

5. I was made on purpose, with a purpose!

6. In Kindergarten we all learned to share.

7. 1 more blog MAY make a difference and so much fun!

8. WordPress is a great place to begin. WordPress.com

9. There is always more to learn and see.

10. We all know that this is another extension of talking since Kindergarten I have been told I talk too much but since I am changing my verbs I will say, I love to share information A LOT.

One subject I have been excited about is Chalk Paint for furniture it is fun. I will blog on this subject later.

We will be sharing information about many Lifestyle Trends. Lauren and I hope you visit often and share your own experiences and comments. Check back often.

10 Really Great Reasons to start this blog today!

14 thoughts on “10 Really Great Reasons to start this blog today!

  1. I’m so glad we’re on this new “purposeful” journey together! Hope you received your book today and it will “bee” useful 😀
    I know you will rock your blog!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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